Google pixel 6a

google pixel 6a

The google pixel 6a but after using it as my main

device i feel the only main issue with this phone is its pricing and

i would say that it's only when we consider the official price in india

it's because the official price in india as of the phone's launch is 44 000 i

ndian rupees and that's without doubt in the overpriced category and i feel if t

he pricing was somewhere in the 35 000 indian rupees range well then this ph

one would have surely been the best choice in that segment well it's because

this is a great phone its design is in line with the new pixel design format and

it's built in a solid way even though all the materials are not premium because

ere the aluminium frame is great but the plastic bag well based on the in hand

feel even though it feels like glass it's not and the issue with plastic bag is that

over time it will be pretty badly scratched up now based on the durability it won

't shatter which is a plus but then the front glass used is gorilla glass 3 and for t

hat a tempered glass protector is a must but as i said this phone's in hand feel i

s solid with proper wheel balance and the size is also kind of perfect and here ev

en the buttons are very tactile and overall i do like the design and the build qualit

y now the portion where the frame and the back plastic meet is not very seamles

s but still overall there isn't much to complain about this design but then here the

design is not the most controversial part of this phone but it's actually the displa

y this is a 6.1 inch oled full hd panel which refreshes at 60 hertz and from my exp

erience it's actually a pretty good display the quality is perfectly fine with not mu

ch tinting effect and for media consumption gaming or general use it's immersiv

e and here the flat sides are a plus and overall for me i like this display now the

60hz refresh rate well to be frank it's not an issue well it would have been great

if google used a 90 hertz or 180 watts panel but this one for your daily use well

you won't be feeling anything odd now if you compare it to the higher refrain

panel well then you will notice the slight lags and things but if you are just gonna

use this phone without

comparison then there is nothing to worry about and for me from the display side what i wish was a bit better is the auto rotate and auto brightness responsiveness and also the peak brightness could have been a bit more brighter now in direct sunlight the display is very much usable but if it got a tad bit more brighter it would have been great now i think the auto rotate and adaptive brightness responsiveness well it can be fixed with an update

 and if google does that well then things in the display side will be much better and here to support the display the speakers used are great the speaker setup is the dual speaker setting and here the audio output is loud and clear and actually this earpiece is a good one for calls too and you're talking about calls well the network reception was issue free there wasn't any range drop or issues like that and that's applicable with bluetooth and wi-fi too now with the pixel 6a the best part is actually not these things but instead it's the processor used google has used their flagship tensor chip used to the 6 and the 6 pro and that does make this phone a pretty snappy one ram available is 6 gb and the storage is 128 gb not expandable but it's ufs 3.1 which is good and here all of this together as i stated makes things fast during my testing time this phone didn't struggle with app loading clicking quick snaps playing graphic intense games etc all of it works without hiccups and also with my unit there wasn't any heating issue too now the heating issue has been a concern for some users and from my experience well i didn't face such a thing if it's gaming and it's casual there is literally no heat generation but with a heavy title well after 15 minutes the side and the back portion does get warm but it's not like overheating where things become choppy and that e-generated area it didn't create any discomfort and with the camera usage well when i recorded a 5-minute 4k 60 fps video there wasn't any issue and same as while taking plenty of photos there wasn't any overheating and also the shutter speed and processing speed stayed the same and about mobile data usage well i did test in 5g and while doing casual stuff like video streaming social media well the phone stayed at normal temperature so from all this well my unit didn't have any eating issue and i feel if you are facing such a thing probably it should be a unit issue and if you can replace it i would suggest to do that because from what i've seen this overheating issue seems to be more of a quality control issue because my experience is pretty much normal now here this processor advantage is a support for the camera system of this phone and it's a welcome thing because here the main camera is the old sensor which google has been using for a long time it's the 12 megapixel sensor seen in the pixel 4a 3a and way back but here this sensor paired with google's processing even now takes pretty great photos in almost all scenarios i have taken plenty of photos with the 6a and i never felt disappointed and i can without doubt say that the pixel 6a even with this old main sensor is one of the best phones for taking photos the photos are vibrant and details hold up and this is applicable even in dull lighting now the secondary camera is an ultraviolet camera and it's a 12 megapixel sensor and this one is the same one used in the pixel 6 and 6 pro and it also does a good job when the conditions are favorable now about video recording well the main sensor does record decent quality video at a max resolution of 4k at 60 fps but when you make a comparison with iphone sc it's surely going to blow this phone in video recording side and also about the front camera well it's a weak area for this phone this is a 8 megapixel camera and this one well for selfies it's fine you can take decent selfies but surely there are other better options available and about video recording the max resolution supported is 1080p at 30fps and the output is kinda average but then as i said the main camera for photos is really impressive even at the forty four thousand indian rupees price range and like this another impressive feature of this phone is the haptics it's just perfect this is not a cheap quality vibration feedback and for that credit has to be given and also the battery backup of this phone is good too battery capacity is 4410 mah and based on my usage well even if it's a moderately heavy usage day i was getting approximately 6 hours of screen on time and during such days the phone does stay on almost a full day but then while topping up the charging speed it's just fine that is fast charging support but it's only up to 18 watts and as for charging from 15 to 100 percent it takes approximately one and a half hours and by the way you will have to buy or use a old charger because the phone doesn't come with a charging brake and for everyone in the wireless charging train well this phone doesn't support wireless charging and also there isn't a headphone jack but for me both of these things are not much of an issue then some of the final things to point out is that the unlocking method is fingerprint unlock and it's the in-display scanner and it's just an op one it works well but it's a bit slow now with my unit i didn't face the issue where the phone unlocks even with the unregistered finger so that issue was not there in my unit and for the number of sims well you can actually use two but there is only one physical sim slot and the other is a e sim and yet this phone does have sub 65 g support and all sensors are present too and also this phone does have ip67 rating and lastly the most striking feature of this phone is five years of security update which google has promised so i guess that's everything about the pixel 6a and actually after using it as my daily driver for some time well i really like this phone a lot there are drawbacks but from a regular smartphone user perspective this is a great phone and for everyone in the us and canada well for its official pricing it's a solid option now in india the pricing is very high but during offer season if the price drops well then for sure the pixel 6a is a easy recommendation well that's up for this video hope you liked it if so like is much appreciated and also please don't forget to subscribe to the channel because it does help our channel a lot and you won't miss our future contents see you again in the next one till then bye

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